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Expensive MIG Welders - What's In It for You?


As most other products being sold today, MIG welders come in different shapes, sizes and prices. Shapes and sizes are fun to talk about, but sometimes, the price  is where buying or not buying something all boils down to. There are cheaper types and brands, and there are those that drill a deeper hole in your pocket.


So when you talk about MIG welders specifically, what sets the more expensive models apart from their cheaper counterparts? Interestingly, there's quite much that you will surely appreciate.  


For one, a mid-end welder will likely have one control for power and another for wire speed. More expensive types usually come with an extra control for burnback. This regulates how much the wire burns back into the tip after you weld and comes in handy on thick metal. This is useful where otherwise, there would be a long stretch of wire that must be trimmed using wire cutters.


Another extra control that comes with more expensive welders is a spot timer. This works by cutting off power supply after a specific period and handy for "spot welding - that is, by welding up one side of a panel until it gets through to the other. The plug weld is a much safer and stronger option for hobbyist welders. Know more about welding at


Climbing higher on the cost ladder, you'll find the so called synergic or pulsed MIG welders, which are relatively new in the market. They work with a pulsing or alternating current getting into the power supply, providing more stability and control. Hence, a better weld. Learn about the best screwdriver set here!


If you explore a little further, you'll find inverter technology finding its way into MIG welding. Like most machines or appliances running on this mission, inverter MIG welders cost more when you buy them, but make the cost of using them way cheaper compared to conventional welders that work with transformers. This technology was originally intended to increase welding speed by boosting deposition rate with high amp spray transfer, and avoid the transitional globular transfer phase. 


With inverter welders, the welding arc is made through electronic wizardry instead of typical transformers. This makes welding much easier, with the arc being electronically controlled. On the other hand, inverters are complex and very sensitive to impact, so they will probably not be as durable as their old-fashioned equivalents. Know about best cordless drill here!


Technology is unstoppable, so who knows what other benefits and advantages are in store for you  with higher end MIG welders? It's a discovery you can make day by day. Of course, with more abilities comes a higher price.